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Sextips Mission Statement:
To increase sexual awareness, promote good sexual health, boost sexual education, improve sexual relationships, and share information in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere that is free from ridicule and flaming.

Have ideas on how to do something better? Need some information? Anything sex-related goes here: questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome -- everyone wants to learn how to be better in bed.

Ground rules:
sextips is run on four basic principles:
1) Stay on topic.
2) Be respectful.
3) Check the tags before posting (help with tags).
4) sextips members are not doctors, and are not qualified to diagnose your sexual health problems. If you have any abnormal pain, bleeding, sores, bumps, lumps, bruises, or anything else unhealthy, but have not gotten a diagnosis from a medical professional, go to a doctor before you post to sextips.

The rest of our list of rules is really an extension of those few basic principles:

  • The topic here is sex. Please stay on topic and be sure that your post includes some kind of question and/or tip.

    • If you want to introduce yourself to the community, please do it in the context of an on-topic post.

    • Please remember that just because your question deals with your genitals doesn't mean that it is about sex.

    • Contraception and pregnancy are really strongly related to sex for many people, however, they are big enough topics to deserve their own communities - and they do have them!
      • Please make any "Could I be/get pregnant?" posts or posts regarding the chances of getting pregnant in the amipregnant community. If you post them here, you will be removed from the community.

      • Contraceptive questions related to effectiveness, side effects, brands, etc. belong in the birthcontrol community.

  • Please don't bring drama!
    • Discussion is good, and disagreement is fine - but keep it respectful and civil.

    • Trolls and flaming will not be tolerated.

    • Please don't make: derogatory comments, abusive comments either pointed at someone specific or made in general -- this refers to being mean, racist, sexist, ageist, or picking on people because of religion, weight or anything else (this abuse will not be tolerated).

    • It is not our place to judge anyone else's sexual choices. Any posts or comments along the lines of "if you _______, you shouldn't be having sex" will result in being removed from the community.

  • Please check the tagged posts before posting, you may find your answer there. Also, skim back a day or two before posting -- people in the community do not want to see the same exact question posted every day.

  • No advertising, please. Whether it's blatant spam, a classified ad, or a link to a sex toy review on your blog, whether it's free or not, take it elsewhere. This includes sex related sites.

  • Turning the comments off, screening comments (by default or individually) in your post, or deleting comments in your post will result in your removal from the community. Only moderators may do this.

  • Any surveys must be posted in the community and have the results viewable to the community (this means no linking to surveys outside of sextips such as in your own journal or on other websites).

  • Please put an effort into making your post readable for others, bearing in mind that not everyone has English as their first language. Don't use l33tspeak, and and please type slowly enough so that your post is not mostly typos. You will get more responses to your question if other users can read it easily. Incomprehensible posts will not be approved.

  • Don't post the same thing multiple times.

  • Please don't use icons/post pictures that are not appropriate for younger readers or for the workplace. For clarification, see this post. If in doubt, place your image behind an lj-cut with a clear notification that the image behind it is not safe for work, or check with a moderator.

  • Posts to sextips asking for help in research or homework are not allowed, due to concerns about privacy, consent, and bias.

There are a number of other great LiveJournal communities and other sites that sextips supports and recommends. Give them a look!

What happens when you break the rules:
Posts or comments in violation of these community rules will be deleted and the user will be warned or banned. Those who have been banned can request to be reinstated after one month by posting to st_discussion. For more information on this policy (and to learn more about which offenses will get you banned), please see this post and this post. Please note that in order for you to recieve notice of post/comment deletion and warning/banning you will need to have "Receive comment notification e-mails" enabled in your preferences. Saying, "I didn't know" is NOT an excuse for rule violations.

NOTE: As of April 18, 2004, sextips is a moderated community. This means that all posts are submitted to a queue and must be approved by a moderator before they will appear in the regular community. If your post is rejected, you will get a notification email. Please wait until you either get a notification email or your post appears in the community before you re-submit your post. Most submitted posts are dealt with within 24 hours of submission.

Try to circumvent these rules in ANY way, and you'll be banned from the community.

At present there are 8 moderators that are a part of sextips to keep the peace. They do not get paid to be here, and enjoy sex just as much as you do. Be kind to them -- they are just following the above rules as well. If you have any problems with or questions about the community, post to st_discussion (which you can learn about here) or contact a moderator via e-mail (subject line: sextips) or IM -- please do NOT make a public post in the community or comment about sextips in a moderator's personal journal; doing so only compounds existing problems and creates new ones. Also, please note that moderators cannot edit posts or comments - they can only delete them. Members, however, can edit posts - learn about that here.

Your moderators are:

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